Public Art Tour Credits

Peter Coyote and Susan Stauter

Writer and producer
Frances Homan Jue

Interaction design and development
Wendy Bardsley

Assistant producer
Sandra Halladey

Sound design
Dennis Hysom

Music in “Andrea” and “San Francisco Yesterday and Today”
is from “The Flower of Inspiration Suite: Dedicated to Ruth Asawa”,
composed by Jaz Sawyer, copyright 2013, courtesy Pursuance Music, BMI.

Aiko Cuneo
Hudson Cuneo
Laurence Cuneo
Imogen Cunningham
Randy Dodson
Kyle Feffers
Paul Glines
Tim Griffith
Chris Hardy
Paul Hassell
Warner Jepson
James Jue
Xavier Lanier
Hazel Larsen Archer
Greta Mitchell
Kelly Mooney
Allen Nomura
Doug Salin
Terry Schmitt
Henry Weverka

Aiko Cuneo
Andrea Jepson
Mark Johnson
Addie Lanier
Emma Lanier
Hudson Lanier
Lilli Lanier
Paul Lanier
William Lanier
Xavier Lanier
Piero Mussi
Susan Stauter
Henry Weverka