Growth, Bethany Center, 1968-1969

“Your hands can be doing the work, and your mind is free.” –Addie Lanier, Asawa’s daughter

Growth is one of the few tied-wire designs that Asawa did in color, detail, 1969. Artwork © 2021 RAL, Inc.


The mosaic sits at the entry to the Senior Center. Courtesy Kyle Feffers/Gelfand Partners Architects. Artwork © 2021 RAL, Inc.


Asawa working on a tied-wire drawing in her living room, c. 1970s. Photo by Laurence Cuneo, Photo and Artwork © 2021 RAL, Inc.


An initial design idea related to Growth (SD.117), c. 1968. Artwork © 2021 RAL, Inc.


Alfonso Pardiñas (right) and his crew installed the mosaic, 1970. Photo by Greta Mitchell, Courtesy Estate of Ruth Asawa.


The completed mosaic self-portrait made by the Alvarado community, 1971. Photo by Aiko Cuneo