Garden of Remembrance, SF State, 2000-2002

Created 2000-2002

“These boulders for her were memories or evocations of the internment camps.” –Mark Johnson, SF State University Professor of Art

The waterfall is a focal point for the Garden of Remembrance. Photo by James Jue

The boulders are symbols of the internment camps. Photo by James Jue

The mass and age of the boulders represent the resilience of the Japanese American community. Photo by James Jue

Asawa’s art teacher took students outside the barbed wire to sketch, 1943. Courtesy Estate of Ruth Asawa

Including a waterfall was essential to Asawa’s design. Photo by Henry Weverka

To Asawa, the Garden is a symbol of resiliency. Photo by Paul Hassel, 1958. Photo © Estate of Paul Hassel. Artwork © 2021 RAL, Inc.

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